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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Break : Some Heavy Reading

Reddit is a site that features content and commentary to go with it. There's a section where uses say "IamA...." followed by a detailing of who they are. It may be someone famous, it may be otherwise. A commentary and conversation ensues.

This weekend, two threads caught my eye:

IamA Man with 51 hours left to live 
A man who has fought cancer for a long time and has lost. His thoughts on dying and commentary.

IamA Man who is killing himself on Monday 7/3/2011
A man who due to constant depression and anxiety, has decided to end his life.

It's extremely heavy reading so I've decided to quote what really, really struck me. The man dying of cancer was asked about what he would tell the man who has decided to end his life and he said;
"I would tell him that it's not living that's failed him, it's life. We can always change our life as long as were living. He's addressing the wrong issue."
Pretty incredible reading. Reddit is now a regular visit.
Ego Prevails.

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