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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Day 12 - Bullet your whole day

  • Awoken by the choral singing of "hallejujah" followed briefly by the Thundercats theme. The latter ends with quite a deathly scream which I am sure was ignored in the innocence of my youth. It made me laugh to myself though. Slowly, the process of awakening begins.
  • Make toast, take medication (another story) and prepare for work. I leave shortly after.
  • The awkwardness of seeing girls you fancy on the tram is ridiculous. I simultaneously hate British society for making it rude to approach her whilst traveling almost as much as I am thankful that she is at least spared my cumbersome advances, saving me the embarrassment.
  • I arrive at work early. Look up to the sky and say goodbye to the grey sky. I enter the basement to find that I am alone.
  • I leave for lunch and meet a friend, who is extraordinarily busy with work. I take a step back and observe their frantic blackberry messaging for a while before she can give me some attention, which I squander by waffling about rubbish and being generally nihilistic. I save some face by making some sexist remarks which she laughs at.
  • Returning to work, I once again confront the problem that there is nothing to do and yet I am still getting paid. I resolve to create some work for myself that will serve as beneficial to the incoming project. Eventually I just download and play Minecraft.
  • Still playing minecraft, pleasantly discover an old server is back where I look to be getting admin rights. Noobs be afraid.
  • I've spent most of my day playing minecraft now. Time to go home and stop writing. Today has been almost entirely free of epiphany or interest. When the surface of life is this smooth, even my critical eye has trouble latching its barbed tentacles into anything from which to create meaningful commentary. I worry that I am a boring person.
Ego Prevails

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