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Monday, 28 February 2011

Day 11 - Put you iPod on Shuffle and write the first songs that pop up

1 - Put a Banana in your Ear : Jason Steele
This is a song from I believe, the second episode of Charlie the Unicorn. I had totally forgotton about it and am a little surprised that a copy has made its way on to my iPod. There was a time when I couldn't stop singing the chorus aloud around the flat, and I fear that time may be seeing a resurgence as of this evening. The catchiness level on this one is quite phenomenal.

2 - Sehnsucht : Rammstein
Ahhh, another blast from the past from the pyromaniac german industrial metal fellows. When I was 18 or so I saw Rammstein twice and was entertained both times. There's something addictive with the driving guitars with complimented by the ambient synth.

3 - Kicking and Screaming : The Presets
I was listening to these guys very heavily about 2 years ago. Sort of depeche mode meets Pet shop boys, driving rhythms define this almost indie electro. I still like their music today.

4 - Please do : C418
I first heard of C418 via Minecraft, he's the guy who composed all the beautiful music that plays occasionally during the game. This track, from his album 'life changing moments seem minor in pictures' is one of several peaceful, beautiful and somehow knowing peaces of ambient music that is always a pleasure to listen to.

5 - Dried up, Tied up and Dead to the World : Marilyn Manson
From the album; Antichrist Superstar which was the first of what would be many Marilyn Manson album purchases. I've always liked the end of this track, with the chugging guitars punctuated with an end of bar squeal as Manson speaks the title lyrics over the top.

6 - The Four of us are Dying : Nine Inch Nails
From their free album, The Slip. NIN are one of the bands that I started listening to almost as soon as my musical tastes developed and they are still a regular listen today. Their recent Oscar win for The Social Network was a little vindicating. Ranging from Shouty guitar anthems to foreboding ambient. I love Nails.

7 - Symptom Finger : The Faint
Another band who I feel like I've been listening to forever. Again, a band that betray a taste for electronic music mixed with another medium. I'm sure the source of this will be revealed all too soon.

8 - Headstrung - Distance
Almost. Some heavy and rather doomish dubstep courtesy of Distance, who I discovered the War of the Worlds dubstep retelling (Skeleton Grin is used). I owe the same re-telling as the reason I got into Dubstep. Though I've enjoyed Electronic music since I started developing any musical taste. Bands like Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson were joined by Chemical Brothers and the Prodigy. I remember when I first heard Block Rockin' Beats (is it even called that?) Blew my mind.

9 - Dumb - Nirvana
Nirvana are, although it's cliche to say it - the first band I ever really started listening to. I used to close my eyes and fall asleep to Nevermind. Eargasming to the sound of the Smells like Teen Sprit guitar solo. I still love Nirvana though often avoid at risk of over-playing. I think they are mentioned too often because they're actually rather brilliant.

10 - Pathogen - Made of Hate
Some rather heavy technical metal, Which is, interestingly quite a recent thing for me. People unable to discern one kind of guitar music from another will insist I've been listening to this kind of music since the dawn of time. They are wrong!

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